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السادة عملائنا الكرام

.يرجى العلم بان الحصول على موعد لتقديم طلب تأشيرة ( المانيا – ايطاليا ) بمركز القبس هو مجاني وبدون اي رسوم اضافية

الحصول على نموذج طلب التأشيرة مجاني ويمكن الحصول عليه من الموقع الالكتروني لشركة القبسwww.qavisa.com

:رسوم تقديم طلب الحصول على تأشيرة المانيا بمركز القبس كالتالي

10 دينار خدمات مركز القبس

22 دينار رسوم طلب الفيزا للسفارة الالمانية

16 دينار خدمات ال V I P علما بأن خدمات VIP لاتؤثر في تسريع اجراءات الحصول على التأشيرة

تنبيه هام: شركة القبس لاتتوفر لديها خدمة المناديب وليس لديها اي ممثل خارجي ( التعامل مباشرة بالمركز )

ادارة شركة القبس اشوركس

Appointment is mandatory for the applicant to submit the visa application in AlQabas Assurex and this site is solely to register the appointment. Online appointment registration is free of charge. Registration can be done only by properly filling out the form; only English alphabet characters can be used. Appointment confirmation can be printed immediately after completting the process also we will be sent the confirmation to the contact e-mail provided in the form. If you are not able attend your appointment, you must cancel the reservation. It is not possible to make group appointments. Each applicant may only schedule one appointment at a time. Attempts to negatively impact, manipulate or misuse the system, or presenting false or untrue information will be prosecuted. A confirmed appointment does not constitute the right to a visa; approval and refusal of the Visa is entirely up to the respective Embassy. AlQabas Assurex has the right to change the date of your appointment (in this case you will be informed by e-mail/mobile).

VIP Service:

Starting May 2014, by the request of our esteemed applicants, who suggested us to create a VIP Service for the German visa, with an additional fees, We looked at their request closely and did the needful to fulfill their demand. A dedicated staff would direct them to a special lounge to process their application, along with a personal touch offering them beverages like juice,tea,coffee,water and snacks. Along with services such as application filling, passport size photographs and SMS service.

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AlQabas Assurex will not entertain appointment booking with invalid details. Appointments with invalid details will be rejected.